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Truffle – The most luxurious and classy French restaurant in Saigon

Truffle, a luxurious and classy restaurant, with a modern and cozy design space. Here, you can enjoy the most delicious dishes from talented chefs, with fresh ingredients meticulously prepared, bringing extremely unique flavors to diners.

The dishes at Truffle are all made from the best ingredients, created with the sophistication and ingenuity of the chefs. Each dish at Truffle is not only delicious but also extremely creative and eye-catching, sure to satisfy all your needs. A team of talented and experienced chefs, always creative and sophisticated in every dish.

Luxurious space, million-dollar view on the 73rd floor of Landmark 81

View is an extremely important factor to create a classy restaurant space. French restaurant Truffle is located on the 73rd floor of Landmark 81 building with an unimaginable view of the entire city.

If you are looking for a romantic place to go on a date with your loved one, there’s nothing better than a place with a beautiful and impressive view. For those who are in the city. Ho Chi Minh City, you cannot miss the opportunity to see the beautiful view of Landmark 81 in the evening.

Premium food

The special feature here is the European specialty truffle mushroom, which is also the name of this famous restaurant. Truffle is one of the most expensive mushrooms in the world, has a distinctive flavor and is used in high-class dishes. At Truffle Restaurant, white and black truffles are used to create unique and delicious dishes.

Truffle - Nhà hàng Pháp sang trọng, đẳng cấp bậc nhất Sài Gòn

Not only truffles, the restaurant also has other special dishes such as Wagyu beef, salmon, Alaskan lobster and many other dishes. All use the freshest and highest quality ingredients to create perfect dishes. There is also a rich and diverse list of wines to serve customers.

Truffle - Nhà hàng Pháp sang trọng, đẳng cấp bậc nhất Sài Gòn

Come to Truffle to enjoy great food and the most premium space. It will definitely bring you a memorable and meaningful culinary experience.

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