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Young people in the age of digital technology 5.0

The 5.0 era brings us a generation of modern talented youth. They are people with creative thinking, quickly catching up with technology trends to develop themselves as well as society. So how can young people freely develop in the digital age? Let’s explore with Chill Vietnam right here!

What is the 5.0 technology era?

Era 5.0 is a concept originating from Japan called Society 5.0, this is a scenario in which society develops very intelligently, forming a comprehensive, intelligent and sustainable socio-economic system. In this era, the boundary between virtual space and physical space is fading, and at the same time, people’s way of life has changed much more than before.

If, in the 4.0 era, data after being collected will be analyzed by humans. When the 5.0 era comes, people, things and systems will also work together through virtual space, super intelligently based on the support of digital technology elements: Data analysis big data, automation (robotics), artificial intelligence (AI) and IoT (internet of things).

Opportunities for modern talented youth in the 5.0 era

As mentioned in the introduction, the 5.0 era brings us a generation of modern talented youth. So, what opportunities are there for them in this digital age?

Many new professions appeared

With the explosion of digital technology, many new professions and fields have emerged, creating a development environment for GenZ students. It’s livestream, it’s e-commerce, it’s virtual reality, digital marketing,…

Apply advanced technology to life

This is also the era of an explosion of advanced technologies, applied to life to increase productivity and efficiency. Modern talented youth in this era will be exposed very early to Artificial Intelligence AI, Big data, Internet of Things (IoT),… thereby increasing efficiency, productivity and quality of work. work or study process.

Working methods are increasingly flexible

If in the past you had to go to the company to work, in the 2.0 era, genZ people can do it all on just a compact laptop. They can work remotely, work in person or combine both to suit and bring the highest efficiency.

Attractive salary

The development of advanced technology also gives modern talented youth a more attractive salary than before. Besides, they also have many opportunities to create passive income sources for themselves, through freelance work, investing in blockchain, bitcoin,…

What challenges await young people in the digital age?

Besides potential opportunities to develop a generation of talented young people today, the 5.0 era also has many potential challenges, such as:

High rejection rate

Technological development leads to an increase in the knowledge class in society. As more and more students graduate, the recruitment requirements of businesses will also gradually increase, creating great competitive pressure for gen Z individuals.

Not stopping there, the development of technology leads to jobs being gradually replaced by machines and artificial intelligence, from which the elimination rate will be extremely high. And you may be among them if you cannot demonstrate your abilities to the business.

Encountering many network security problems

Online fraud and harmful content also exploded in the 4.0 era, hindering the development of a class of modern talented youth. To limit cyber security risks, today’s youth need to be equipped with knowledge early and must carefully screen information online before using it.

It’s easy to lack soft skills

Doing all work through just a phone or laptop leads to a loss of communication skills, critical thinking, teamwork, etc. Sometimes, this can lead to a gender class. Children become withdrawn, afraid to communicate and find it difficult to express their abilities in front of society.

The ability to be immersed in technology

The reality shows that today’s GenZ people have many people addicted to social networks and online games. From there, they become lazy, neglect studying, relationships and opportunities for personal development.

The 4.0 era brings to the market a class of modern talented youth, a perfect period for young people to develop and demonstrate their abilities. However, this is also an era with many potential challenges for young people and if you do not change in time to adapt, you will easily be eliminated. Hopefully Chill Vietnam’s shares in this article will be useful to you. Thank you for your interest and following!

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