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KING BEER 85 BAR & DINING – 333 D, Pham Van Dong, Go Vap



333 D, D. Pham Van Dong, Ward 1, Go Vap, Ho Chi Minh City


King Beer 85 – a place to relax on weekends

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This weekend, after the pressure from work, have you chosen a place to relax with your friends, enjoy some scrumptious food and cool glasses of beer? King Beer 85 is definitely a more perfect choice.

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Spacious space, luxurious design, suitable for a group of close friends

Located on Pham Van Dong Avenue, King Beer 85 is easily recognized thanks to its majestic and luxurious appearance like the best nightclubs in Las Vegas. With modern design, King Beer 85 attracts every passerby’s attention, becoming a must-see destination for our nightlife club.

Not only that, when night falls, the music blaring in the dim light space, King Beer 85 nightclub becomes even more attractive. Coming to King Beer 85, you will be immersed in light, music and food and drinks that satisfy the most demanding diners.

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Diverse menu with reasonable prices

Not stopping at the plus points of space and design style, King Beer 85 is also known for its extremely diverse menu with reasonable prices. Since it is King Beer, surely famous domestic and foreign beers are present to be served to diners here. The beers are carefully selected and imported, to become the Bar that won the Beer King award in the Go Vap district and the whole city.

Besides, alcoholic drinks such as cocktails are richly prepared and beautifully presented. Snacks are also carefully crafted by professional chefs.

Coming to King Beer 85, not only can you sway to the music, you can also enjoy amazing food and drinks.

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Service staff are excellent

Having spent money to have fun, surely no “god” wants to be disappointed by the service of the staff. With King Beer 85, that will never happen. Coming to King Beer 85, you You will feel appreciated by the staff here. Not only the service staff from outside and inside the restaurant, but also the MCs, DJs, managers… all are like close friends, ready to Meet all your needs.

So what are you waiting for? See your friends this weekend at King Beer 85!

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KING BEER 85 BAR & DINING – 333 D, Pham Van Dong, Go Vap
Hotline 0828148181

General Information

ADDRESS: 333 D, Đ. Pham Van Dong, Ward 1, Go Vap, Ho Chi Minh City
SERVICE TIME: 19:30 – 3:00
PROMOTION DAY: Special occasion
CAPACITY: 200 to 300 guests
FORM: Bar/Club
MUSIC GENRE: Vinahouse
TARGET OF GUESTS: Domestic and foreign guests, famous Vpop singers…
FORM OF PAYMENT: Cash, Visa/Mastercard
CONTACT: 0828.14.8181
Please leave your BOOKING information.
We will contact as soon as possible